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Sports Boxer Briefs - Gray
Sports Boxer Briefs - Gray
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 Thanks to everyone for your love and support!
Dear Love Boat Shop,
It was my pleasure to shop with you, everything was simple and the communication was great! I really enjoy when the shop is simple to transaction with! I will look forward to my next purchase with you guys :)
Thanks again!
~ from Ellie K.

I have ordered two binders from your site, each of great quality. My last binder, AIR M Pullover Long Chest Binder, astounded me in terms of quality. I was not expecting something this nice! Your products have really helped me feel more comfortable in my own skin and given me confidence. I will definitely be ordering from this company again in the future and recommend you guys to others!
~from Sarah F.

To decrease the appearance of my bust, I've been wearing sports bras and slumping my shoulders forward. This translates poorly to riding horses, especially because my favorite horse is fully aware of my posture and positioning and interprets my slouching as a cue to go faster. Hopefully, this binder will help me feel more comfortable when I correct my posture so that I can be a better rider.
~from Eileen ...See Full Page

The day had started badly, with a lousy atmosphere at home, and with a Spanish teacher in a bad mood determined to pass the entire class for retarded. But coming back from my musculation class, my mom brought me a small blue packages. "- Well Honey, the " bra " that you bought arrived! " I was really quite happy, I was eager to try it, hoping that the size S would not be too large cause i don't knew at all how that was working. Finally it fits me perfectly and is super comfortable to wear. The grip is soft, unlike thuasnes bandages that twisted my back and prevented me from breathing. Thank you for everything, fortunately there are people like you to help a little ftm / tomboy / lesb and crossplayer people!
~from Hiz*** ...See Full Page

I got my binder yesterday and I must say thank you so much! It feels a lot better than the sports bras that never quite fit. It's nice and snug and does what it's supposed to do. I feel a lot better with my flatter chest. Getting it on the first time was a little difficult, it will just have to take getting some used to. I'm sure I will be getting another one.
~from Tara

I am writing to say that I have received the new binders and they are just great! Will be sure to leave a feedback on the services provided.
~from Jadyn

Hi. I received my binders. I'm very happy: 15 days to receive it, and it's really nice and comfortable.
Thanks for all.
~from Hali

Dear Love Boat Shop, I just received my exchanged size large mesh jersey binder. It fits like a glove!! I'm wearing it right now and it is FANTASTIC!! SO comfortable and SO amazing! Thank you thank you thank you!
~from Hali

I've just received the grey blazer. It fits perfect and looks great with just about everything. Much better than buying clothes from the mens section and paying for expensive alterations to make it fit. Thank you so much, I will definitely be making a purchase again very soon. Wonderful items!
~from Jennifer S.

2 words: Thank you. This is great, I am very happy with this product. It's my first binder and I never knew it would fit this comfortable. I would like to leave a review, but if possible without my full name. *system update, now showing only first names* So for now I'm sending you my appreciation via this e-mail. Best regards,
~from Lisette

I would like to mention that I found out about your shop like most trans guys do. There were very few reviews for your products most are from the underworks company. I myself have had NO luck with underworks products. I will say that the few reviews I did see for your shop were all VERY good. They also mentioned that your customer service was great. I did not find one bad review. For this reason I gave your products a try. I guess folks are worried because you are so far away from the US and are international or they just don't know that you exist. I never do reviews for anything but I am going to do one for your shop. Maybe folks will realize what they are missing because the one binder I got from your shop is the ONLY binder I have ever found that fit me and was COMFORTABLE. I think maybe your shop is a little unknown secret here in the US. Sorry for all of the confusion with my order. From now on I will know what size to order in the future.
~from Chris T.

Hi Love Boat Shop: Just wanted you to know that my binder arrived safe and sound in the mail today. It's fantastic! So comfortable, breathable, adjustable, discreet, lightweight - I'll be ordering more of these for sure. I was also very impressed by the zippered case the garment came in - now that is a "classy" binder!!! Thank you so much.
~from Michele B.

Website is very easy to navigate and I found everything I was looking for. Thank you
~from Melissa V.

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