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Sports Boxer Briefs - Gray
  What to look for when Selecting a Chest Binder?
Often times when we receive emails of our fans, giving thanks to us and showing us love and support for doing what we do. It is all the more reason why we feel it is super important to spread the words about healthy binding!

Binding really is an “Art”, finding the right solution is important for both health and appearance reasons. Inappropriate or damaging binding methods such as ace bandages or duct tape can cause long term affects, and can create more problem for those planning top surgery in the future. Here are a list of things to consider and why Love Boat is super picky on the binders we provide.

1. Binding Method: Please choose a binder over all other alternative methods. In the end, our chest is made up of cells and tissue, so safety and comfort is important. Binders are designed to provide an optimal binding result in terms of flatness and to maintain a good looking chest shape. However, not everyone is looking for a completely flat chest look, everyone is unique and have personal preferences about how they want their chest to look.

2. Binding Material: Be mindful about the material you are wearing. Often times, we are wearing binders for longer than 8 hours, this is a long period of time and we have to make sure we are able to breath comfortably for this entire duration. Quality material means happy skin, and happy skin means a happy you, and a happy you means less dysphoria. Wearing binder is about being happy, and about being comfortable in your own skin. It is truly important to embrace yourself.

3. Binding Preference: It is nice to be fit and muscular, but with more people exploring their self-identity, being “manly” may or may not be a thing for you. We had a client come in looking for a binder, asking if we sell binders that doesn’t “flatten” the chest completely. This client loves their body but wishes to minimize the appearance only a little bit so that they can fit into dress shirts more comfortably. So, ask yourself, what kind of binding preference am I looking for? Flatness, Ventilation, and Comfort of the binder are all things to take into consideration for.

To sum it up, over a decade of selling binders, we have discovered a shift of binding needs. People are more openly embracing different expressions of self-identity and feeling more loving and confident about how they look or feel. A few years back, everyone wanted to wear binders that is super tight and “hard”, but with the variety of materials, and the fluidity of self expression nowadays, we do see more people exploring different binder designs and overall feeling more confident about themselves. One of the most exciting experience for us has been assisting Buddhist monks with their binding needs, it was such an eyeopener to see that binders can help so many people of different needs and self expression. So, while we are keeping our chest bound nicely, we are opening our hearts and minds.

Please share this information with your friends and let's spread the love in the community.
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