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International Shipping to CANADA has been delayed due to high surge of incoming packages at Customs.
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  Questions about shopping
  Questions about your order
  Questions about Binders

 Questions about Shopping
Q:What Kind of payment methods do you offer?
A:At the current moment we offer Credit and Debit Card, Paypal and Western Union Wired Payments.

Q:How will the order show on my statements?
A:Purchases made by credit card or online check will read on your statement as "LB Shop"

Q:Why was my Card or Paypal Account charged a different amount from the price?
A:Product prices are default in US Dollars, a converted value will be displayed in your second currency selected (Euro, NT, Hong Kong Dollars, or Singapore Dollars). Your second currency will be for reference purposes only, all payments will be billed in US Dollars.

Q:I don't have a Paypal account, how should I pay using a Credit Card?
A:You can still use the Paypal payment option even if you don't have a Paypal account. During your shopping procedures, the online shopping system will take you to the Paypal payment platform, remember to follow the directions and images below.

1. Once you are at the Paypal Payment Platform, you will see a link "Pay with a Credit or Debit Card". Click on the Link to pay without signing up for Paypal. Reminder: Double check your total including shipping.
C.C with Paypal

2. Type in your Credit Card information and click on "Review and Continue" when finished.
C.C with Paypal

Q:Why was my payment was unable to go through or was denied?
A:Your payment may have been denied for various reasons. Most of which may be for online payment protection. Here are a few reasons Paypal may determine an unprotected transaction:

1. Unsecured or Public network system. If this is the situation, please try your transaction again using your home computer.

2. Please clear your Cookie and try again.

3. If all else fails, please sent us an email and notify us the situation, we will sent you a Payment Request.

Q:The Paypal Payment page is showing up a language I cannot understand, what do I do?
A:You may have a cookie or browser settings that override the Payment page's language setting. You can try to reset your cookie or browser language options to English.

Q:How do I pay via Western Union?
A: You have two options when using Western Union
1. Visit
  • Select the "Money Transfer" Option and follow the on screen directions
  • You can pay with a bank debit card or credit card
  • Western Union will charge you a money transfer fee
  • Send the amount of the total shown above in US dollars.
2. Visit a local Western Union agency (find nearest location)
  • Fill out the necesarry "Send Money" form, ask agent if you need assistance
  • They will require a valid ID
  • You can pay with cash, a bank debit card or credit card
  • Western Union will charge you a money transfer fee
  • Send the amount of the total shown above in US dollars.
Using either method, provide the following "Receiver" information:
  • First Name: Olivia
  • Last Name: Wu
  • *Make sure you do not mix up first name & last name, we will not be able to claim for the payment in case you mix up the first name & last name
  • City: Taipei
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Postal Code: 10089
  • Beneficiary's Address: 1F, No.11, Lane 240, Sect. 3,Roosevelt Rd., Zhongzheng Dist.,Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Once payment has been sent, please send an email to
  • Order Number: (ex.: Order#8888)
  • First Name: (* the names must be exactly the same as the W.U. transfer)
  • Middle Name: (* the names must be exactly the same as the W.U. transfer)
  • Last Name: (* the names must be exactly the same as the W.U. transfer)
  • Money Transfer Control No.(MTCN): (* a 10-digit number)
  • Country:
  • Amount Transferred:
  • *Please send us a photo of the transfer receipt
 Questions about your order
Q:How long does it take for me to receive my items?
A:After receiving your payment, we will ship out your item as soon as possible and notify you once the order is shipped. Orders are usually ready to ship within 1-3 business days. During holidays, special or exclusive promotions or due to other factors some "In Stock" items may have a longer lead time to prepare for shipment. Shipments are processed Monday through Friday(excluding holidays) GMT+8:00 to reflect the Postal Business Hours.The estimated shipping time for International Standard and Express are as followed.
     Standard International Shipping
     America (7~14 business days)
     Asia (3~10 business days)
     Europe (10~18 business days)
     Africa (10~21 business days)

     Express Mail Service (EMS)
     America (3~5 business days)
     Asia (1~3 business days)
     Europe (3~7 business days)
     Africa (4~7 business days)

Q:I still haven't receive my package, what do I do?
A:If you haven't received your package within the estimated shipping time for your location and form of shipment, let us assure you that we almost never have packages that gets lost. There are various reasons why you still haven't receive your package and below are some of the circumstances.

1. Depending on the working time of your local post office, processing time may delay.

2. International Shipping (both EMS and Standard) requires signature upon receival. So if you missed the delivery time or did not pick up your package after receiving the pick-up notice, your local post office will ship the items back to us.

3. For EMS: EMS has a online tracking available. Please visit THIS LINKand enter the tracking number we have provided.

4. For Standard: Standard shipping does not have an online tracking system available, however, we can still track your package for you at our local post office. The tracking process will take 1-2 business weeks for the post offices to contact each other and get back to us the whereabouts of your package.

5. Under some circumstances, your order may have been canceled because a payment was not received. This happens sometimes when connection errors occurs. Please Log-in to your account to check on the Status of your order.

Q:Can I request my package to be left at my front door?
A:Your package will be making a long way across borders, so all packages are shipped through International Registered mail. However, it has been known that Carriers may leave the package with an apartment management office or even on your front/back porch if the driver deems that the area is secure enough to leave the package. Otherwise, a notice will be posted that a delivery attempt was made and it will offer a variety of ways for you to obtain your order.

Q:What happens if my package was sent back?
A:When a package is unclaimed, the package may be send back, we will reship the package for you and ask for reimbursed shipping charges.

Q:Can you package discretely? I don't want other people to know.
A:Please rest assured. All of our standard shipping packaging comes in a None Transparent high density shipping bag, so it is highly secure(see image below). There will not be LGBT or Binder related phrase on the package. For folks using EMS delivery, your package will come in a standard Post Office EMS Envelope.

 Questions about Binders
Q:How do I wash Chest Binders?
A: Please follow the WASH & CARE page for detailed instructions.

Q:Does the Velcro in the Velcro Binders wear out?
A:Velcro are joined together by two different texture materials. The spiky end may often attach on to lint or fur, so it is best to keep it clean of unwanted lint.The softer end does get worn out in time with use. When this happens, not to worry. You may simply purchase a velcro piece from any crafts or fabric store and replace the old piece with the new velcro.

Q:How do I know what size to wear?
A:Please follow the SIZE CHART page to find the right size for you. If you're still unsure, please email us with the following information: Height, Weight, Chest Size, and Cup Size.

Q:How do I know which Chest Binder is the best for me?
A:It's important to find the right binder for yourself. Everyone has their own specific needs. That is why we have created the Binder Comparison Chart. Please look throught the chart to find which binder is right for you. COMPARE BINDERS

Q:Will the shape of my chest/breast change if I start wearing binders?
A:There is a correct way to wear chest binders. The best way is to adjust your chest after you put the binders on. The binders are quite firm and stable; so as long as you wear the binders correctly,you wouldn'nt have to worry about the shape of your chest/breast changing. Obviously, everyone has a different body construct so you may have to reposition your chest after putting on a binder. Please see HOW TO WEAR.

Q:How long does binders last?
A:Different materials of binders will determine the lifespan of a binder; they can also be determined by the wash & care methods, the frequency of wear, and the condition of wear. It's best to hand wash them and to have a few chest binders to switch with. The lifespan of a binder may last from a few months to a few years.

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