Tank Top Style Chest Binder

The front part of the binder is made with multi-layers of cotton and spandex. The tank top style binder is slightly different from regular binders in that it comes in two separate layers: a tank top external layer and a binder inner layer. The binding in front is slightly stretchable but comfortable. The tank top binder neckline is not too high nor too low, much like a regular tank top on appearance.

The back of this binder is made with the same material as the front. The back binding layer is a single layer design so it’s more stretchable than the front binding layer. The wide coverage design is great for covering up some excess bulge.

The sides of this binder opens roughly 2-3 inches below the armpits(may vary for some). The external tank top layer has no openings and looks like a regular tank top from the outside. The internal binding layer has a quiet velcro design on the left side.

Those who Purchase this Item:
The binder fits pretty well, the tank top layer is a relax fit so it gives off a more masculine appearance and covers up some curvature of the body. It’s a great look for going to the gym, or letting the binder show through as an inner layering shirt. Getting the binder on may take some getting use to, but it’s suggested to pull the entire binder over the body, please your arms in the right place, then affix the velcro in the end.


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