Binding Tips: Prevent chest from falling

For folks with a smaller size chest, this may not be a problem to you guys. However, we do understand that it’s hard to get the chest to behave itself and to stay put in one place after a few hours. So we just want to share a simple tip that’s extremely helpful. For those with a velcro binder, a good solution is to affix the velcro diagonally (as shown in the picture).

By sticking the velcro diagonally; tighter at the bottom and looser at the top, this will actually helps the chest from dropping completely below the binder. Now, keep in mind that chest adjustment is still needed to get the most favorable chest appearance. For those who prefers pullover binders, look for binders with a stretchable elastic that cuffs tighter around the rib, such as the Air M Pullover short binder.

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