Packer on a Plane

Summer time, I know most of you will be traveling and perhaps going on a plane. We want to share a story of our fellow partner who had a little incident with his packer at the airport.

K. was going on vacation with his newly dating girl V. It was his first time wearing his packer while going on the plane. Checking in at the lobby was no problem. When they got to the airport security after going through the x-ray, he was asked “Sir, can you please step aside”. K. had no idea what was wrong until they asked him the identity of the “thing in his crotch”. It was an awkward situation because V. was unaware of the packer, so K. had asked V. to go on ahead while explaining to security. After being patted down and explaining his situation and showing his packer, the security allowed him to pass.

To avoid a long explanation and to prevent the chance of causing any scene, K. decided to pack the packer away in his luggage on their way back.

In our experience, the packer (spine or no spine) may or may not be a big deal, it really depends on the level of security at the time. Nonetheless, it’s a personal choice to wear packers on a plane, so whatever happens, maintain calm and have a safe flight!

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