Bendy Buddy Pack & Play

Bendy Buddy Pack and Play

MATERIAL: The material of the Bendy Buddy is made with soft silicone, the texture feels relatively similar to Cyberskin. The packer feels squishy and feels quiet real when felt over the pants. The packer is designed with an internal spinal system for bendy and shaping, it can be bend to a flaccid or erect position. The spinal system is nearly 1 inches away from the tip of the head so it doesn’t feel like a rod sticking through. The balls feel squishy and comfortable for packing.

APPEARANCE: The Bendy Buddy has realistic veins and wrinkles to resemble a real penis. The head of the packer has a nice narrow design making it easier for insertion. The full insertable length is about 5 inches, which is nice for a soft casual play. The balls of the packer are relatively small so it fits really well inside your underwear, it sits pretty well in place with a good harness or packable underwear. The texture of the packer is pretty neatly done considering it’s a cyberskin like silicone.

PUTTING IT TO USE: Since it’s a pack and play, we’ll split it up into two parts.

Packing: The packer feels real against pants and underwears. It make sense to curve the packer into a flaccid position so that it doesn’t look like a boner. The packer sits really well against a harness underwear. The smaller size ball is great considering it doesn’t add anymore volume to the package. It really does a neat job considering it’s moderate size.

Playing: The packer works great for a casual play, the spine doesn’t hit the vagina and one can hardly feel the spinal system inside inside the vagina. Possibly because there’s a good distance from the tip of the head to the beginning of the spinal system. When erect (bending straight up), it gives a good length just enough for sex.

OVERALL: This is really an all around pack and play. For those who like hard-core sex, a firm dildo is still preferable.


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