How to Use the Chakra Set

There are many ways to use the cream. Let me just share with you how we guide the chakra experience in our Wellness Workshops.

If you have a set. There are total of 7 Creams and 1 body wash in the set. Each color serves to balance each individual Chakra. The Chakra Cream works best if you integrate it into your Meditation in the morning and at night.

Let’s talk about the Body Wash. The body wash is consist of all natural sesame oil, the same element that many Gurus use for their own purification and cleansing. The body wash can be used daily and replaces regular body wash altogether. The all natural body wash can be used on your entire body even your face.

Before starting the meditation with the cream, place the cream in front of you in a single file line according to the Chakra system’s color order (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white). Start the session by going into your meditation, make sure your environment and surrounding is comfortable and free of outside influences. When you have gone into a state of inner calmness and stability, place your palm over the cream and sense the energy of each bottle. You can do this with your eyes closed and let your inner voice guide you. Keep your mindset to yourself and let the cream speak out to you as to which color to use today. Once you have selected a color, open your eyes. Apply the cream on any part of your body. Some people apply on the corresponding part of the body and some apply the entire body. When you’re done applying, return to your meditative state. You may end your meditation session when you feel replenished.

If you feel like adding some energy throughout the day, you can keep the selected bottle of the day with you and carry it to work. Apply it whenever you feel you need some replenishment. You can repeat the meditation session at night and select a new color.

Keep in mind that these are all natural ingredients with pure essential oil; pure essential oils are like gifts of this planet and have great energy. Ancient civilization in history and present days have used essential oils in different forms of natural therapy for physical, mental and spiritual balance. They are like your teachers that will serve to assist and guide you. Take good care of them and they will take good care of you.

Additionally, the set is “Not Tested on Animals” so they are ethical, environmental, and all natural.

Here’s a Link to an Online Chakra Test to see how balanced your chakras are. Enjoy~


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