A case of dysphoria and solution

As gender queer individuals and working with so many fellow gender queers, we have experienced and witness many individuals with dysphoria. Being queer or slightly different from the norm is a funny thing; it allows us to explore the world like never before but at the same time we are faced with many challenges. Sometimes it does feel like a constant battle with our friends, society, parents or even our selves. Like most people, there are always ups and downs in life. When things are good, everything feels great and life goes the direction we want it to go. However, we can’t overlook the times when things are just going downhill.

After going through our own experiences with dysphoria and seeing our visitors going through similar experiences, we set out on a journey to find a solution. It really took us about 7 years of research and study to be able to find this solution set for our fellow LGBT friends around the world. We had a very unique chance to encounter a PRIDE COLOR Chakra Cream Set. Now, here is the question, what does dysphoria have to do with Chakra? or how can I overcome dysphoria instead of it controlling me.

Before we go any deeper. Chakra knowledge is a must. Chakra, simply put, are energy fields located at different section of our bodies. These different energy have affect on different emotional or mental states. Whenever these energies are unbalanced, we experience feelings such as dysphoria.

This is where the COLOR Chakra Cream comes in. The cream is mixed with very unique and rare ingredients of essential oils. Essential oil are known as natural remedies for our physical and mental states. And ofcourse, the creams are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS. It’s completely neutral and very easy to apply. Simply apply it on your hand or body as a regular lotion.

From our research and personal experiences, we can say that we really are COLORFUL people deep down inside. It has been our pleasure to meet so many amazing people from different part of the world and to be able to provide grand knowledge for the community. The amazing LGBT community is our fueling source, giving us the motivation to find solutions and to be daring while doing it.

The idea of natural remedy may be new for some but old news for others. We just want to get the words out and give people a chance to really see themselves for who we really are.

Enjoy your peace and colors, cheers~


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