Long Binder vs Short Binder

Okay, let’s talk about long vs. short binders. We’ll start with the long binders. Long binder extends down to just above the hips (the actual length may differ with style). It works really well when wearing under dress shirts and giving off the appearance as a tank top. Some individuals simply prefer long binders over short binder because it makes them feel more secure to have some fabric covering the stomach area. Another great thing about long binder is that it retains warmth better in cold weathers. Despite its long appearance, keep in mind that it still is a “Chest Binder”, serving to minimize the appearance of your chest but has minimal compression on the stomach.

On to the short binders. Short binders are much like the long binder, except it only extends down to cover just below the chest.  Short binders are great for everyday wear or excising. It is a good choice during the warm seasons with generally better ventilation.  In comparison to long binders, it’s much easier to take on and off.

In conclusion, I think both styles are great for different reasons and different occasions, but it really comes down to personal preference.


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