Ultra Comfort Full Length Sports Bra/Binder

The Ultra Comfort Full Length Sports Bra fits more like a bra than a binder. It has a single layer design for the full length of the binder but has an additional double layer across the chest part. The fit feels snug all around. The neckline design has a low cut to prevent the shirt from peeking through the outer layer shirts.

The back of this binder is a one layer designed to improve ventilation. The deep racer back cut is great to wear with sports tanks so that it doesn’t show through the shirts.

The sides of this binder opens roughly 3-4 inches below the armpits(may vary for some). This design allows for greater movement without getting uncomfortable. It’s almost like wearing a sports bra, but with the flattening benefits. The sewing on the sides are tapered and tucked well; so you won’t feel any discomfort on the sides.

Those who Purchase this Item:
This is a great binder for those who aren’t so used to the Velcro Binders. This Pullover style has a nice snug fit. The special ventilation mesh design is a real plus for Athletes or those who works out. Another great thing about this binder is that it doesn’t look like a binder; some people use this binder as a swim suit top. The spandex material is easy to wear and it dries really fast.


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