Tightness vs. Flatness in Chest Binders

Hello everyone. We’ll be going into the topics of tightness and flatness of chest binders. In most situations, people ask for the “tightest” binder but find the binder not yielding the flatness they expect. Many people are under the impression that tightness equals flatness. However, this may not be the case in every situation. Tightness is what we referred as the compression one feels against the body. Flatness, on the other hand, is minimizing the protrusion of the breast/chest tissue. Tightness of a binder does not necessarily guarantees flatness. Flatness is achieved through combinations of Ergonomic factors well examined here with our provided chest binders. So, here are some tips and considerations regarding this topic.

Will going a size down get me a Flatter result? Normally, this is the first thing that pops up in people’s mind when it comes to sizing. This is something to consider if you find yourself in between sizes; if so, then getting the smaller size would yield a better result. However, please be reminded that this also means you will be fitting into a binder with an overall smaller frame (narrower neck openings, arm openings, length, etc.). As you can see, this solution isn’t for everyone. By stretching the binder to its fullest extend, you are increasing the tightness of the fit but not necessarily increasing flatness; because binder will flattens as much as your chest tissue allows. Another thing to really consider is the material and style of the binder, some binders have great elasticity and some binders are not stretchable at all.

In the end, we have found that people will wear the binder that fits the most comfortable for them (sometimes not necessarily the tightest or the flattest). Each individual has his/her own definition for comfort; some people even take into consideration for the type of activities they will be doing when selecting different styles of binders. For many of us, the chest binder becomes well integrated into our everyday lives. We’ll only feel 100% comfortable about chest binders if we are truly comfortable with ourselves.

P.S: No religious connotation, just found this adorable image

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