Hsinchu Pride Festival LGBT Consulting Reflective Thoughts

Love Boat Shop and Galaxy LGBT Consulting were invited to the 2011 Hsinchu Pride Festival. Through this event, we were able to witness the different organizations donating their time and effort to unite the LGBT community.

The planning and executing ability of the event organizers Gisneyland and Taiwan Aids Trust Foundation were exemplar models for us to learn. The warm welcome and attention of the even organizers gave us a sense of belonging in a foreign city. Additionally, the Hsinchu and Taoyuan Publich Health Bureau’s active participation in event and their care for the health concerns of the LGBT community made us felt a true sense of belonging on the Island of Formosa.

Love Boat Shop’s long term commitment to provide LGBT Consulting service was founded in hope to offer directions and paths in the not so simple LGBT lives we see today. LGBTs have the innate ability to provide Love and receive Love, but often so we’ve come to face the obstacles from society, family and relationship; blocking our path to seek the fruit of Wellness in this new era. Love Boat Shop still has many areas to improve and seeks to continue our drive for this goal. We hope to meet more LGBTs or LGBT friendly people from around the world to join in with us on our path for the Wellness of the LGBT Body, Mind and Soul.

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