Meeting Friends from the most unlikely places.

World Map in the storeI’ve been thinking about what it really meant being LGBT on this planet. Here we are in Taiwan, celebrating our Pride next Saturday on 10/29. Sitting in the store and doing the regular store keeping chores, I was surprised to see a boy walking in. Now, gays, trans, and foreign travelers walk into our store all the time but there was something particular about this boy. After chatting with him briefly, I found out that he is from a small country of Bahrain in the Middle East. He actually had to point out his Country on the map for me; just showing how much more I still need to learn of the world. I do not want to give out too many small personal details so I am going to write it in briefs. He has felt much suppressed by the culture regarding his true emotions and identity. These suppressed emotions include being lied and cheated to by those who do not see the value his true self. Talking and talking, I started seeing his eyes filled with a rim of tears.

In summation, being gay or trans is actually still very much illegal in many countries on this planet. We are so very lucky to be able to express ourselves, to dress the way we want and to hold hands with the one we love. So, this pride, instead of fighting for marriage equality, I’m going to give Thanks to my country for having me the way I am.

Opening Love Boat Shop online internationally has just been a super rewarding experience for me because I see people from the most interesting places shopping with us. Places like Kuwait, Finland, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and so many more.

In the end, I just want to say that we are all children of the Planet earth and I believe in seeing more peaceful miracles around the world. If any of you guys feel the same, please write a small or long positive comment for our friend in Bahrain.

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