Helpful Tips for ftms who live with parents

If you’re a ftm or tomboy who lives with parents and has the full support from them, we’re very happy for you. For others who are in a struggle, we’re offering some tips to ease the tension for the battle over wearing binders.

We definitely do not encourage anyone to lie about wearing binder; but we totally understand the tension that it may come up in some households. Remember, communication and understanding is key.

1. Emphasize the functions rather than the appearances~

Try to be more informative about the functions of binders. In most cases, a womanly breast is not our most favorable traits; in order to minimize the appearance, most people develop a habit of slouching. This is a quiet harmful habit because it does have long term damages to your spinal cord. If this is your situation, chest binders will help in allowing you to have a preferable body shape and a healthier posture.

For some others, moving and running around in sports bras or regular bras does often create tenderness in the chest tissue. Binder does a good job of keeping the chest in place and minimizing movements of the chest; thus reducing tenderness caused by excessive shifting of the chest tissue.

2. Choose Pullover Binders over Velcro or zipper binders~

Pullover binders are designed with similar appearance and utility as a sports bra. Unless your parents are active members in the ftm community or are binder experts; most people misrecognize pullover binders for sports bras. If this is your first time buying a binder, we highly recommend starting with a pullover style binder.

3. Take the stairs, not the elevators~

Some folks have difficult times adjusting to your sudden lost of chest tissue; you’ve probably given them a heart attacking thinking you got surgery done overnight. If this is the case, we suggest that you start off with binders that have lower Flatness rating and work your way up slowly in time. Let your folks get used to your new look and slowly increase the flatness as they get comfortable with your changes. This way, they won’t feel that you’ve dropped a bomb on them.

Find Binders with lower Flatness rating, Click Here for the Comparison Chart
Regardless, you are going through a stage that most ftms or tomboys goes through; remember to stay strong minded and keep a positive attitude. Please share more tips with the community on how you manage the topic of binders with your parents.

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