Strong Souls: Transitions?, not so awkward

It’s always hard to know, especially in the beginning, which steps to take and to know if we’re making the right decisions. For most ftms, even some lesbians or anyone who wishes for a more masculine appearance, it’s an enduring battle of your mind and body. Regardless of whether we’re seeking a passable appearance or simply minimize the female physical traits, the level of comfort with our mind plays a huge role in the transition process. Most people who are in the beginning state of deciding whether to begin their transition wants to know the how, when and whys.

The How?
For most people who feel like they were born in the wrong body has a pretty good sense of how they want their bodies to look. With this in mind, everyone has their own unique standards as to how they wish to present themselves. For most part, this is what makes every being unique and special. Some people go through surgeries and some people don’t; the important thing is the level of comfort you are with your appearance. Start with the easier changes such as chest binding and clothing, then make the next process.

The When?
Instead of thinking of when in terms of age, we’ve see much happier transitions whenever the person is at a comfortable and stable state with their mind. It takes a great man to acknowledge the female features, to accept the female features, to plan the transition from female to male, then to embody the male features. Especially for ftms, nothing could be more important than self love and self acceptance. Whenever your mind is ready, you’ll still be able to feel self fulfillment even during the transition process.

The Why?
I’m sure everyone has their own reasons why. However there are different reasons on the levels of physical appearance and mental recognition. So our mental growth is just as valuable as our physical changes. It takes work to connect the dot between our physical appearance and our mental acceptance of that appearance.

~Value the power within

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