Binder Layering for larger chests

Solution: Reducing the size of the “bulge” and evening out the chest

Suitable Chests: Larger and softer chest tissue folks

Binders used:
1.Sports Bandage Velcro Short Binder
2.High Performance Velcro Short Binder

As we know, different people have different shape/form of chests. For some of those who have bigger and softer chest tissue, you may be witnessing a bump like chest shape after binding. The chest tissue of softer chests (consist of mainly fatty tissues) is much like a water balloon; when you press on the water balloon, it tends to spread and evens out in all directions. In some cases, even after wearing the tightest binder, for those of us with bigger chests may still have a bulge.

Try binding with two different styles of binders. Use the Sports Bandage Velcro Short Binder as the inner layer and wear a High Performance Velcro Short Binder on the outside as the exterior binder.

The Sports Bandage Velcro Short Binder does a great job of tightening everything up and pushing chest tissue as closely as possible to your ribcage; reducing almost a cup or two. It holds most of everything in place. After putting on the inner layer binder, put on the outer layer with the High Performance Velcro Short Binder. This binder is great because it has a wider front and back coverage; covering most of the chest and underarm tissue that was squeezed out from the inner layer binding. Another reason for using the High Performance Velcro Short Binder as the outer layer is the non-stretchable front layer, which evens out the bound chest even more; giving the chest a flatter look.

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