Jersey Mesh Short Binder

The Jersey Mesh Velcro Short Binder has multiple front layering. The stretchable mesh material is added an additional layer of non-stretchable fabric; making the front of the binder firm in the front.

The back of this binder is stretchable cotton mesh; making it easy to wear when you’re pulling the two pieces of Velcro together. It’s great for those hot summer days as well, even better for athletes or for those who does athletic exercises. The back design has a deeper racer back, which is preferable for those who wear tank-tops or Athletic Jerseys.

The Quiet velcro pieces cover a good surface of your upper body; it falls about 2-3 inches below your underarms. It’s got pretty good velcro placement, located more inward, so the edge of the velcro doesn’t get in contact with your underarm.

Those who Purchase this Item:
The design philosophy behind the NoBrand Binder Brand was to provide cheaper binders to Tomboys and FTMs. A lot of people purchase this item at first due to its low price, but have come back because they feel it provides good binding for their needs. The binder has no logo or mark on the outside and inside of the binder(except for the size label).


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