How to find the right Binder for you?

Different People, Different Binders, Different Functions

There are actually lots of different styles of binders; and after seeing and wearing all the different varieties, we can pin down some of the things that people look for when deciding for a binder. Let’s take a look.


Racer Back  Racer Back

Most binders either have a Racer Back design or a Tank design. The Racer Back is narrower down the center. This actually gives you maximum arm movement and is a plus to have when you’re exercising or performing activities that requires a lot of movements. 
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Wide Coverage  Wide Coverage

These styles of binders are great for those who have a larger chest or worry about the fatty tissue near the underarm and on the side of the chest. The Wide Coverage design usually has broader chest coverage and covers more chest mass. This is a great style for those with bigger chests.  
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Elastic Band  Elastic Band

This is an old school material used for original style binders. This style of binders was more popular back in the days when binder materials were less strong and resilient as they are today. Nonetheless, Elastic Band style binders still have their followers. This material has a “board-like” affect and feels harder against your chest.  
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Extra Padding  Extra Padding

This is a great style for those who are worried about their nipples from showing. The thickness of the front panels is normally thicker than regular binders and minimizes the nipples from appearing. The style is also great for those who wish to create a thicker chest effect.
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High Ventilation  High Ventilation

For those who sweat a lot or cannot stand the heat, high ventilation style binders are made with material to provide for maximum breathability and ventilation. This is a great binder feature to have for athletes, sports players, chefs (who work nonstop in the heated kitchen), and more…
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Low Neckline  Low Neckline

In certain situations, or even when wearing certain outfits, you just don’t want your binders to poke out from your outfits. In situations such as this, the low neckline binder designs have a lower and wider neck opening. It hides relatively well beneath most clothes.
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V Neck  V-Neck

Clothes have V-necks why not binder! That’s why the V-neck is a great style to have. It’s a nice neck opening design that goes great with any type of outfits. Some even wear it as a tank to match it with a simple button up shirt or a simple sweater. Plus it wouldn’t look like an undergarment when it accidentally gets shown through.  
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Strapless  Strapless Binder

For those who don’t want any Straps to shows through, this is a simple design binder that’ll hide away from your neckline and shoulders. This is also a great choice for those who have just had surgery done; you can even adjust it freely. Strapless binders have fewer restrictions in Sizing that’s why more people of different sizes can benefit from the positive perks of Binders.
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Everyone has a different body size and shape so there really is no Best Binder out there. The best binder would be the ones that work for you. Everyone looks for different things in binders. Although all for the results of potentially minimizing the look of your chest, people may have their own preference for flatness, tightness, comfort, breathability and much more.

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