V-Neck Zipper Short Binder

The front part of the binder is made with multi-layers of soft Lycra material. The layering of the Lycra material allows the binder to have a longer lifespan and a firmer bind. The neck opening is a small v-neck opening. The zipper is conveniently located at the center is easy to take on and off.

The back of this binder is made with the same multi-layered material as the front to provide for more strength in the binding performance. The back has a racer back design allowing for maximum arm movements.

The sides of this binder opens about 2-3 inches below the armpits(may vary for some). This design allows for greater  movement without getting uncomfortable. The sewing on the sides  are tapered and tucked well; so you won’t feel any discomfort on the  sides.

Those who Purchase this Item:
The zipper binder is very easy to put on and is great for are not used to the wearing techniques of Velcro and pullover binder. The small V-neck design is a plus for matching it with variety of outfits.

Available Colors:

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