3rd Gen. Velcro Long Binder

The front part of the binder is made with multi-layers of newer and even softer Lycra. The layering of the Lycra material allows the binder to have a longer lifespan and a firmer bind. The super deep and wide opening design is a great touch and easy to match with outfits. Great for wearing it under a wife-beater.

The back of this binder is made with the same material as the front. The back also has an easy stretch for putting the binder on and off. The racer back is deeper than the regular racer back and is perfect for extreme movements and sports activities.

The sides fall just 2~3 inches below the underarm. The Velcro on the side makes the binder easier to take on and on. The Velcro used for the binder is a Quiet Velcro so the noise is much smaller and the material is thinner than regular Velcros.

Those who Purchase this Item:
The binder is very easy to put on while giving it a pretty good binding result. The super deep and wide neck opening and the deep racer back designs make the binder comfortable to wear and hides well under most outfits. Great for wearing it under t-shirts or tank tops.


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