O-Neck II Velcro Long Binder

The special O-Neck design has a T-shirt crew neck; it looks like a T-shirt or inner shirt when worn with button-up shirts. This has been a good item for those who works in an office or those who wears dress shirts and doesn’t want to wear another shirt. The multi-layer design gives the O-neck a firm and comfortable binding. The higher neckline eliminates any cleavage from showing; great for those who a bigger chest.

The back of this binder gets great coverage; it well supports the mass in the front. A lot of folks who are heavier in the front or around the underarms have found this binder to be the perfect fit. The back design is very comfortable and it feels just like a regular shirt.

The Velcro on this binder is the newly developed Silence Velcro; so it tears apart much more quietly, saving a lot of those who wants to keep their binder-wearing down low. And it doesn’t attach on to un-wanted lint or hair as easy as the traditional Velcro.

Those Who Purchase this Item:
The design philosophy behind this item was to offer a solution for those who wears button-up dress shirts and doesn’t want their binders revealing as binders. Its design has grown to be a popular fit for Tomboys and FTMs who are heavier or bustier in the chest.


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