Wide Coverage Short Binder

The front part of the binder is made with two layers of thicker Lycra+Poly combination. The style of this binder has a wider front coverage that extends closer to the arm. This design gives more coverage space for those with a larger chest.

The back of this binder is made with a very breathable thick mesh material. The mesh material has little stretchability to give a tighter bind. The back of the binder, much like the front, also has a wide coverage area.

The sides fall just 1~2 inches below the underarm; holding together more skin and area. The binder fits closely near the underarms. The Velcro on the side makes the binder easier to take on and on.

Those who Purchase this Item:
The design philosophy of this item was to utilize create a binder that has a firm binding with a less stretchable mesh back layer. This binder feels tight around the chest and has little stretchability. Great for those with a bigger chest and prefer tighter binding fit. The binder has no logo or mark on the outside of the binder.


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