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Strapless Velcro Binder | Love Boat on Taiwan Pride, Chest Binders, FTM Packers, Wellness and more

Strapless Velcro Binder

The Strapless Velcro Binder is made with a Neopreneh material all around with a Velcro piece on the inner side of one end. The material is a thicker material than normal binders which also help prevent the nipple from showing. The strapless design is great for when wearing clothes that may have a deeper neck cut; preventing the binder from showing.

The binder is the same material all around, so the same applies here.

The Strapless binder hides well under different types of clothes; including tanks or a low v-neck.

Those who Purchase this Item:
Those who are used to wearing regular binders may time some time to get used to the strapless velcro binder. Nonetheless, the binder still offers good binding and hugs around the chest so that it doesn’t fall off with regular movements.


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