High Performance Velcro Long Binder

The High Performance Velcro Long Binder, like its Short Version, has an amazingly thin design. The material “Tactel” of this binder is the new material developed by the same company of Lycra. It is thinner and remains in shape and firmness even after going in the water. The design of the front offers great coverage for those who are bustier in the front. It provides comfort and flatness with its design of dual layers: non-stretchable linen and stretchable Tactel. This binder is also designed with an extended length, making it easier to tuck in and prevents the binder from rolling up.

The back of this binder is made with Tactel; giving it a firm stretch to pull forward when attaching the Velcro. Coverage on the back is just as good as the coverage on the front. The Tactel material allows the binder to be both form-fitting and comfortable.

The Velcro on the side falls just 1~2 inches below the underarm; holding together more skin and mass. This is a great design for those who worry about loose skins or extra fatty tissues around the underarm area.

Those who Purchase this Item:
The design philosophy of this item was to utilize the full capacity of the Tactel material by bringing forth Comfort and Flatness together. Those who enjoy this item are pleasantly pleased with its longer utilization span and comfortably flat binding.


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