How to get the flattest appearance out of Binders…with Shirts

Okay, so today I’m going to talk about clothing some additional details to binding…

After getting your binder and putting it on, depending on the size of your chest, you may get a different size “lump”. It is not a big deal but making your body look good and passing is definately a wonderful thing.

First of all, picking out clothes is very very important. Please don’t expect to wear tight things that Designer Models wear, we still have a given womenly figure and it’s important for us to NOT accent these features. Here are some things and areas to watch out for.

Body Shape (shoulder & chest & waist & hip)

Men’s upper body tends to be more triangular shape, with broad shoulders and more developed arm muscles. Women’s upper body tends to be more curvy, especially at the waist and hip section. Working out the shoulder areas do help a lot for passing and make you look better in mens’ clothing. When you’re getting men’s clothing, get things that don’t give off too much of your body shape. Men’s dress shirts works pretty well because it’s hangs more loosely at the waist section and hides your waist and hip curvatures. When getting T-shirts or Polo, get the materials that’s thicker, this usually helps with hiding your chest even more. One more thing is Colors. Darker colors make things look smaller and lighter colors bigger, same rule applies to chest as well. Obviously you don’t have to wear all black, clothing with graphic prints or verticle line patterns will also take the attention off the chest.

That’s a handful on clothing, i’ll be sure to put up more picture.

That’s it for now~

Example of a dark color dress shirt

Line pattern button shirts

Zip-up sweatshirts

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