Binder FAQ

Q:How do I wash Chest Binders?
A: Please follow the WASH & CARE page for detailed instructions.

Q:Does the Velcro in the Velcro Binders wear out?
A:Velcro are joined together by two different texture materials. The spiky end may often attach on to lint or fur, so it is best to keep it clean of unwanted lint.The softer end does get worn out in time with use. When this happens, not to worry. You may simply purchase a velcro piece from any crafts or fabric store and replace the old piece with the new velcro.

Q:How do I know what size to wear?
A:Please follow the SIZE CHART page to find the right size for you. If you’re still unsure, please email us with the following information: Height, Weight, Chest Size, and Cup Size.

Q:How do I know which Chest Binder is the best for me?
A:It’s important to find the right binder for yourself. Everyone has their own specific needs. That is why we have created the Binder Comparison Chart. Please look throught the chart to find which binder is right for you. COMPARE BINDERS

Q:Will the shape of my chest/breast change if I start wearing binders?
A:There is a correct way to wear chest binders. The best way is to adjust your chest after you put the binders on. The binders are quite firm and stable; so as long as you wear the binders correctly,you wouldn’nt have to worry about the shape of your chest/breast changing. Obviously, everyone has a different body construct so you may have to reposition your chest after putting on a binder. Please see HOW TO WEAR.

Q:How long does binders last?
A:Different materials of binders will determine the lifespan of a binder; they can also be determined by the wash & care methods, the frequency of wear, and the condition of wear. It’s best to hand wash them and to have a few chest binders to switch with. The lifespan of a binder may last from a few months to a few years.

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