How to Reposition Your Chest

After getting your binder on, now comes down to making adjustments. Everyone has a different body shape so adjustments may differ among guys.

First, try to adjust the binder so that it’s aligned to your body. If you have a Velcro binder, you can grab and hold the back-piece in place, re-stick the front piece a few times so that you get it right. It helps to do it in front of the mirror if you’re new to wearing Velcro binders.

When wearing a binder, try not to pull down too much so that your chest looks like a bulge or a big stomach.

If your chest is higher up in relation to your upper body, try to pull on the neckline of the binder so that your chest falls in place.

If your chest tends to clutter together in the center, try to reach into your binder and move it around so that it looks more like pecks. You can try moving it out and up to get a more even distribution, but not too far out pass the binders.

If your chest is lower, try to reach into your binder and move your chest up. One thing that works for a lot of people (this only works with Velcro Binders) is if you stick the Velcro slightly diagonal; in a way so that the Velcro is positioned looser near the top end (near the armpit) and tighter at the bottom end(near your stomach).

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