SPONGE Velcro Extra Strength Short Binder

The binder has a special Sponge inner layer within two Lycra spandex layers. The sponge material used for this binder is the same sponge material used in regular bras, so it’s very comfortable and it shapes the breast down to a natural flattening look. It provides great padding for the chest/breast area. This binder has wider coverage; keeping the breast and chest area well tucked and flattened.

The back also has 3 layers; one being the sponge layer. The sponge material provides for extra strength and support for the binding of the front, and it allows a comfortable padding for the back.

The Velcro of this binder is roughly 2-3 inches below the underarm; thus making the binder quiet easy to move around in.

Those Who Purchase this Item:
The design philosophy behind this item was to offer a comfortable padding for your chest/breast and minimize the nipples from showing. People who have purchased this binder finds it to be a great binder for wearing dress shirts or button up shirts.


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