Sports Pullover Short Binder

Sports Pullover Short Binder has a really comfortable form. There are 2 different layers on the front of the binder; the material within the Lycra layers are less stretchable thus holds down the breast really well. The main material used in this binder is “Lycra”; allowing for high breathability and comfort. The Pullover design is great for those who needs to move around a lot. The edge of this binder doesn’t have an elastic rim, so it doesn’t feel so restricting and it’s quiet form-fitting for those with a belly.

The back of this binder has two different parts. The top part being the mesh material; opening ventilation for the back. The bottom part is made with the Lycra material; quiet stretchable and firm. This is a great material because it makes the Pullover Binder very easy to wear and keeps the breasts well binded.

The sides of this binder opens a little bit lower; roughly 3-4 inches below the armpits(may vary for some). This design allows for greater movement without getting uncomfortable. It’s almost like wearing a sports bra, but with the flattening benefits. The sewing on the sides are tapered and tucked well; so you won’t feel any discomfort on the sides.

Those who Purchase this Item:
This is a great binder for those who aren’t so used to the Velcro Binders. This Pullover Binder has great flattening results. The special ventilation mesh design is a real plus for Athletes or those who works out. Another great thing about this binder is that it doesn’t look like a binder; some people use this binder as a swim suit top. The Lycra material is easy to wear and it dries really fast.


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