What to look for when Selecting a Chest Binder?

*Please do not resort to using bandage for binding…gasp*

Often times, we received emails, giving thanks and showing love and support for Love Boat for doing what we do…that’s why we feel that it’s super important to spread the words about healthy binding!

Binding really is an Art, finding the right solution is important for both health and appearance reasons. Inappropriate or damaging binding methods such as ace bandages or duct tape can cause long term affects and can create more problem for those planning top surgery in the future. Here are a list of things to consider and why Love Boat is super picky on the binders we provide.

1. Binding Method: Please choose a binder over all else, binders are designed to provide an optimal binding result in terms of flatness and maintaining a good looking chest shape

2. Binding Material: Be mindful about the material you’re wearing (sometimes for even longer than 8 hours). Quality material means happy skin, and happy skin means a happy you. A happy you is one powerful enough to overcome obstacles in life. Simple as that

So, please, share this information with your friends and let’s spread the love in the community.

Love from Love Boat~

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