Why life itself is like a coming out process

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Make everything a conscious choice; then you are fully aware of how every thought and every action can cause a ripple effect. Unaware, we go on a rampage. Aware, we can seek out the possibility for change.

Why life itself is like a coming out process. Here’s are some broken down parts.

part 1. Thinking that we’re different and trying to survive at that

part 2. Listening to external voices of negativity and fear

part 3. Trying to pretend as if our insecurities don’t exist

part 4. Realization that we are living a life that’s not ours

part 5. Bringing up the courage to face our internal struggles, detox and cleanse our body and mind, then learning to accept.

part 6. Seek out our path

part 7. Living our life as our journey intended; struggles and problems will still present itself, but facing them with compassion

Now that we’ve broken it down, we can seek out the stage that we are currently in right now and find the suitable solution to a problem.

Make this a process of problem solving. Whenever you face a challenge, try to see things as it is, and practice at it. The more you practice, the better you will get at solving your problems.

please seek out the compassion and share with others to help the community

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