From Outer Peace to Inner Peace via Chakra


While we are fight for outer peace, we often overlook the inner peace that’s much needed. We find outer peace via seeking the most suitable appearance, but what about inner peace?After dosages of medical drugs and hours of therapy, don’t you feel a temporary lift that seems more like a placebo effect rather than actually resolving the problem. As an individual searching for inner peace, through the guidance of I Ching, Love Boat began researching into the Chakra System. From the Chakra System, we have found the relation between the inner struggles (also dysphoria) and an inbalance chakra. Totaling in 7, each chakra is responsible for different emotions.Red - Groundedness

Orange - Connection with others

Yellow - Courage and Self Confidance

Green - Love

Blue - Communication

Purple - Empathy

White - Wisdom

The above descriptions are a brief description of the connective emotion. But when we really dug into it, we found that the Chakra System has been around for thousands of years, and so many people achieve this balance via a practice, meditation, natural therapy, or all of the above as a combination.

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