[Testimonials] Love Boat Sports Pullover Short Binder by hotp***

Love Boat Sports Pullover Short Binder
Omg! OMG! This binder is amazing!

I had previously owned a medium size underworks tri top. It was horribly uncomfortable and I messed it up by trying to alter it too much. I wanted something COMFY because the whole reason we bind is to feel confident, not like we have to suffer to look “normal”. For a while I gave up binding altogether because I’d much rather wear a thick sweatshirt and be hot than wear a binder that was going to destroy my back and rib cage and irritate my skin.

But enough about underworks. I’m sure you know all about the tri-top, it’s everyone’s first binder, right?

I ordered the large size Sports Pullover from lesloveboat. I followed the size chart and it fits me perfectly. Warning to those who think they need a size down: don’t do it! I am skinny and have small breasts so I thought maybe the large would be too big, but if the chart says you are large, go large. I probably wouldn’t have been able to get into a medium. Anyways, the material is very soft and feels great against my skin. The arm holes are cut much larger than the tri top’s, so my movement feels natural and not restrained. It gets me very flat, maybe not as flat as the tri-top, but I am willing to sacrifice a barely noticeable amount of flatness for comfort.

I was worried about shipping time from Taiwan but I got my package in 6 days. Not bad for the holiday season!

I highly recommend lesloveboat and will definitely be ordering from them again.

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