A Happy Ending Binder Story

For the purpose of this article, I just want to provide some info about J. J is about 88kg~90kg and close to 165cm. She was initially worried about sizing and whether we have a suitable binder for her. She was telling us about how she was looking at different binders online and emailing to reach out but had no luck. Fortunately, this day, she was brought in by a good pal, also a Love Boat frequent customer, who assured her that she would be taken care of.

At first when she walked in, she was shy and really self-conscious about her size. We talked to her and assured her that she has nothing to worry about. Then we picked out a few styles to choose from. In the end, she really like the velcro and zipper style binders we picked out for her. We were so happy for her because she walked out of that fitting room with a million dollar smile on her face. It’s truly experiences like these that make us super happy and we just wanted to share the story with everyone.

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