Universe I Ching - A spiritual journey

It’s been an absolutely enlightening journey how Love Boat Int. came to be. On a journey traveling to different parts of the world, I landed in Taiwan. I didn’t have a specific reason why I choose this land. It just “felt” like the right place to be. Dealing with my own troubles at the time, I came in contact with the Universe I Ching. My guide at the time did a reading for me with the I Ching. At first, I was a disbeliever; I’ve never had a reading done and I was absolutely ignorant to things like the soul or spirituality. I just simply had too much in the head, and lack a sense of direction in the heart.

With much struggle but huge amount of longing for the Truth, I decided to learn the I Ching and extended what I learned from my Guide and Universe I Ching to share and help others. Universe I Ching is nothing like whats written in the book. It is impossible to describe it fully in words because it is truly something to be “experienced”.

I find it very humbled by its teachings and I sincerely want to share this to those searching for it.

For any individual who is searching for a path or facing certain troubles in life. I’d be grateful to provide the Universe I Ching reading for you.

The readings are by appointment, please email us before your arrival to our physical store in Taipei, Taiwan to schedule an appointment.

Please don’t hesitate to email us at les.love.boat@gmail.com if you have any questions, we’re always happy to help.

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