Love Boat
Love Boat - Founded in the Spring of 2004, Love Boat was the first LGBT physical lifestyle shop in Asia.
Love Boat was created by a group of passionate advocates for LGBT equality and diversity. The initial drive was but a small dream, a hope for a home of loving vibe; a place where our LGBT family can be free to be themselves, to shop, and to connect to other LGBT happenings around the world. Persistent in our purpose, Love Boat grew from a small lifestyle shop of fashion wears, chest binders, and pride accessories to a LGBT community platform with LGBT photography, Tarot and Iching reading, holistic healing & aromatherapy, and wellness workshops.

Love Boat has been active in the global LGBT movement and supports Marriage Equality. In the past 10 years, we have had the chance to be invited to federal programs, academic foundations, corporations and NGO hosted events. In 2006, Taipei Times and other international media (websites, the Lonely Planet travel books, Curve and other magazines) have published numerous articles and publishing of Love Boat. In 2011, we have collaborated with The Women’s Film Festival, Urban Nomad, LGBT film festival and other documentary films. And in 2014, connect with UCLA to discuss the future of the global LGBT movement.

In the past 10 years of foundation, we are beginning to witness a LGBT enlightenment movement, individuals seeking to surpass the ordinary. The LGBT group began with the search for self identity but now embarking on the search for LGBT spirituality. Taiwan is a LGBT friendly country, and attracts LGBT families from around the world. Love Boat is building its way to be the transit stop for LGBTs around the world; as seen with the message post in the physical shop. In trinity with the earth, heaven and mankind, Love Boat provides a platform for our voices to be heard. And we wish for the Earth Village to become a LGBT friendly, free, equal place of Great Unity.

Visiting us at our physical store in Taiwan. The 5 MUST DOs
1. Love Boat Shopping Time!  Shop for the works of talented LGBT Designers of Taiwan

2. Universe I Ching Reading  LGBT consulting on all aspects of life

3. Universe Knife Massage  An unique form of massage that is a MUST TRY in Taiwan

4. Chakra Balance  Learn about Chakra and how it affects our emotions

5. Photo Time  Remember to Take a Photo under the Rainbow, and write a Wish Card to pass on some Blessing

Our Contact Information
Address: 1F, No.11, Lane 240, Sect. 3, Roosevelt Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 100, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone: 886+ (02)2364-8757 or 0988-423-411
Email: les.love.boat@gmail.com

Direction to our Store in Taipei, Taiwan
1. Take the MRT to the “Tai Power Building Station” Exit 1
2. Walk along Roosevelt Road towards “Tai Power Building”
3. Make a right when you see a GNC store.
4. Find us at No.11 on your right

Hours of Operation
Tuesday through Sunday from 2:00PM~10:00PM. Closed on Monday